In this article, “Delaware Gets Positive time on National TV”, the author, Jeffrey Gentry from the News Journal, talks about how the University of Delaware gets a promotional view on national television.  Gentry brings up the fact that the last time the University of Delaware was on  nationally well known news channels, it was for two students having sexual relations on top of the Chipotle in Newark, DE Main Street. This time, he explains, that two Delaware students were seen on television all over the country for UDairy. Gentry explains the UDairy is UD’s own ice cream creamery and that it is very well known.  The two student were shown on “Eating America” on the Food Network.  He says that this episode was shown on 10:30 on a sunday night.  The students actually won, and were awarded the “Best Sundae on Sunday” award.  Gentry expresses at the end of the article how he is proud that the University of Delaware got some positive recognition, rather than the previous Chipotle scandal.



My name is Erin Mershon. I am a student in the University Studies program at UD. I am on track to declare my major as Finance in the Lerner College of Business at the end of this school year. I am not a big reader, but I did enjoy reading the Hunger Games trilogy, and The Fault in our Stars.

HRIM in Japan


In this article, Fred DeMicco, a UD professor, talks about Macau which is one of the largest sights in the casino industry. He talks about how Japan banned gambling years ago, but Macau (which is in Japan), may change that law in the near future. Japan looks at Macau as an economic opportunity to prosper. DeMicco and two other co-writers, for his upcoming book, talk about how this new casino will dramatically increase tourism and will be very beneficial for Japan’s economy. As the chair of the Hotel, Restaurant, and institutional Management at UD, DeMicco explains that the creation of these large casino complexes would benefit the HRIM industry in Japan. The University of Delaware Alfred Learner College of Business offered to partner with Japan in hopes of strengthening both of their HRIM programs and industries. DeMicco and many others explain that they hope for Japan to really get back involved in the gaming industry, since it would help both Japan and the rest of the world.

UD Men’s Soccer


In this article, Delaware Athletics talks about how this tuesday, the University of Delaware’s Men’s Soccer team was ranked No. 11 in the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA).  Last season they were ranked No. 21 and this season they moved up 10 spots, in response to their undefeated season. This season, they are 6-0 and are tied for the best start in the history of University of Delaware’s Men’s Soccer.  The team was also ranked No. 16 in the College Soccer News rankings.  This article also includes how the head coach, Ian Hennessy, thinks that although he’s honored to be ranked that high, he thinks they still need to improve a lot and shouldn’t of got that ranking.  He continues to talk about how the team has a gpa of over 3.0, so it is difficult to maintain both high grades and exquisite athletic ability. In the article, it also includes that No. 11 is the highest ranking in program history.

Edgar N. Johnson


This article is about one of the University of Delaware’s main football coaches.  The article introduces him as Edgar N. Johnson who has been at the University of Delaware for his whole entire professional career.  He earned a 25 year tenure and within those years, he was one of the main reasons the University of Delaware’s football team was led to success.  The main focus of the article is how Johnson is being recognized and honored by the ECAC (Eastern College Athletic Conference) for his years of appreciated work.  He will be receiving the James Lynah Award for Distinguished Achievement on Sunday, September 28, 2014.  The article goes into detail on how Edgar Johnson led the team into victory.  He pushed them hard, and in result the UD football team was placed in the America East Conference, rather than the East Coast Conference.  This article truly shows how Johnson whole heartedly deserves this award and recognition of big time achievement.

End The Silence


In this article, “End The Silence” on UDaily, it talks about how 300 plus students gathered on the steps at the green of the University of Delaware to protest and talk about sexual harassment and assault.  The main slogan was, “End the Silence, End the Shame.” This article also discusses how numerous sexual assault victims were brave enough to go up on the stairs and talk about their personal experiences.  To end the entire moving rally, all of the participating students and faculty marched around campus to promote the idea that you’re not alone.  The president of the University of Delaware, Patrick Harker, was in favor of this whole event, and even applauded their actions, according to this article. To end the article, their is a quote from President Harker basically saying that he is extremely impressed that students alone created this movement, and that it really shows that the students here at UD strive to make a difference and make the world a better place.

Too Little Too Late

Emma Kingsley’s article, “Walmart Exec Resigns Over Incomplete University Degree”, found on The Review, details the situation involving David Tovar and his lack of a completed degree from the University of Delaware. In attendance from 1992 to 1996, Tovar was an art major, who, following graduation, learned he was missing a few credit hours required for a degree. However he never made any attempt to compete these hours and complete his degree, because he found his niche in the field of communications. Kingsley reports that Tovar felt as though he did not need to complete the degree since he was not pursuing art, and felt as though completing his major was a  waste of time. He has been working at the Walmart corporation for the past eight years. In the process of a promotion form Vice President of Corporate Communications to Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, a more detailed background check is required, and doing so revealed that he lied about his college degree, thus leading to his resignation. According the article, Tovar has been in contact with the university in order to complete his degree.


Biomedical Research Funding

In a recent article, titled “INBRE funding”, Author Kelly Bothum details a recent grant received from the national institute of health worth $18.2 million over 5 years. The grant, Bothum writes, was dished out by the National Institute of General Medical Science’s Institutional Development Award program, which is in place to build up the academic and research capabilities of Delaware. According to Charles g. Riordan, vice provost for research at UD, this grant will be extremely beneficial not only to UD students and professors, but Delaware residents who will in turn be receiving the latest health care research and innovation. Bothum continues on to state that the state of Delaware will also contribute $5 million, making the total research funding $23 million. Bothum continues to state that Delaware is one of 23 other states along with Puerto Rico to receive funding from this project due to all being states that have historically received little funding from the National Institute of health. She goes on to describe the focuses in cancer, cardiovasucular health, and neuroscience that will be funded by this recent grant. She continues about how this grant will also provide a boost to Delaware’s job market by creating jobs in the bioscience industry. She sums up the development assisted by this program as being a pipeline that allows industry and academics to work together towards the progression of Delaware and the production in the medical industry.

Armed Robberies

Four robbers have been arrested after a robbery on Orchard Road. Two of them are linked to other robberies that have been reported in newark. One of them is almost 20 and the other convicted is in his early twenties. Shamayah Thomas, the 19 year old, is on $258,000  bail because of five robberies. Thomas has been charged with robberies on apple road, tyre road, and south college avenue. Williams, the 24 year old is connected with the robbery on Tyre avenue. He is on $104,000 bail. Both of them are in different correctional facilities. Police have said that the investigation is to continue on these robberies.

The news media contact is the author of this article.


David Finkel On Campus

This years University of Delaware’s first year common reader was Thank You For Your Service. The award-winning author, David Finkel, visited UDs very own Mitchell Hall on Tuesday, September 23rd to discuss his book. The hall was packed with over 650 students and also additional people watching via simulcast in Wolf Hall. The discussion started with UDs president, Patrick Harker, welcoming the audience. Finkel then started by connecting with the audience and sharing personal experiences he had while creating the book. Also throughout the discussion he displayed photos to help the audience follow what he was telling. What Finkel was really trying to portray was that he wrote the book with the hope to inform.

“The hope I have is that you pay attention to the people in this book. Its purpose is not to judge, but for its readers to become people who understand.”

He wants people to understand PTSD. How it affects not only these soldiers but also their families and friends. How so little is mentioned of what becomes of these soldiers after they return from war. And mainly how war doesn’t always stop for them when they come home. Some have to live with a war going on inside them. Their own personal after-war.